The 606

For those who want to experience the thrill of biking, The 606 has you covered. With a dedicated bike lane running along the entire length of the trail, cyclists will find plenty of room for leisurely rides and more adventurous trips.

The 606 also features several challenging hills on the trail's western end near Humboldt Park. This makes it an ideal place for beginner bikers to practice their skills and build confidence before taking on tougher terrain.


The 606 features several stunning pieces of art along its route. You can see graffiti murals, sculptures, interactive installations, and whimsical designs.

One particularly popular piece is "The P-Tree," - an interactive sculpture made from recycled materials that changes color with movement. Additionally, the public greenway showcases over 40 large-scale murals created by local artists. Another captivating artwork is the "Pocket Garden," which features brightly-colored swings and other fun activities.

Viewing Platforms and Bridges

One of the best parts about The 606 is its raised viewing platforms, which provide stunning views of Chicago's skyline and surrounding areas. In addition to these platforms, three unique bridges span the trail, offering distinct views. These bridges have been designed with intricate steel arches and modern architecture that can be admired from different angles as you walk or bike by.


For skateboarding enthusiasts, The 606 offers a world-class skatepark at Churchill Park in Humboldt Park. The 1,500-square-foot location is perfect for practicing tricks and stunts and hosting competitions or challenges. Here's a tip: always be sure to wear protective gear.

Food Trucks

If you're looking for something to munch on while exploring The 606, food trucks and stands are located along the trail. You can find delicious food options easily, whether it's sweet treats, hot dogs, ice cream sandwiches, or tacos. And remember to check out the local shops for unique souvenirs!

Events and Festivals

The 606 hosts diverse festivals, community events, and concerts annually. From movie screenings to yoga classes, there is something for everyone — making it a great spot to bring family and friends!

Finally, The 606 also serves as an outdoor classroom for local schools, offering educational programming on civics, science, and ecology for all ages.