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Concrete Foundation Repair in Chicago

Your home's foundation is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of it because without a strong base, everything else will crumble. That's why your choice in foundation type and how you build it must be taken seriously to ensure that they are sturdy enough for what you need out of them

The final curing period is vital to the success of any construction. Concrete Contractors of Chicago will make sure that they are careful with every aspect and give your project extra attention so you can rest easy knowing everything was handled properly.

We understand that a foundation problem is one of the worst things to happen to your home. That's why we'll do whatever it takes, including offering you the best concrete foundations at reasonable prices for any type of project you need our help with - whether it be commercial or residential homes!

T-Shaped Foundations

Building a T-shaped foundation is important to ensure that the ground doesn't freeze and create an unstable base. Once expert builders lay these foundations, you can start building walls on top of them very soon afterwards.

A T-shaped foundation is both a precautionary measure and an efficient use of space. The footing will be stronger to provide more support for the taller walls that surround it, while also being broader than them as well.

The concrete slab is poured between the walls to provide a solid foundation for your new home. You can also contact us if you are interested in T-shaped foundations or retaining walls.

The foundation will be made from a single layer of concrete best suited for freezing areas.

The concrete slab is typically several inches thick and consists of reinforcing rods at the edges for strength.

This concrete slab can be up to a foot in thickness, depending on what it needs to support.

We're experts at putting together cement structures because no matter what kind of environment you live in-whether its hot summers with blazing suns or cold winters where water freezes on surfaces-we have everything accounted for! You'll never need to worry about cracks forming from humidity change if there's a cast iron wire mesh.


You might be surprised to find out that frost-protected foundations are a common way to protect the building footing, which is why it’s usually recommended for homes in colder areas and/or ones where there's more danger of ground freezing.

In order to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, we use two firm polystyrene sheets as foundation insulation in this type of structure. One sheet is added at the base before pouring our slab and another will be placed on top once it's finished being constructed.

This is a new foundation type that allows for construction in areas prone to ground icing. Because of this, it has been modified so as not be affected by the freezing and thawing cycles.

Foundation Durability

Concrete Contractors of Chicago is an enterprise with a long history that specializes in the design and construction for commercial concrete projects. We pay attention to every phase, matter where you are on your project from excavation all the way through molding if we're pouring foundations or working with high-rises; our equipment will be what gets it done right!

The Foundation is an expertly planned project that has workers with years of experience and various work sets to ensure high-quality Concrete foundations in Chicago.

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